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At RSDHC we’re proud pioneers of patient care. We utilize the new medical technology combined with a dedication to high-quality clinical practice to deliver first-rate care at our fleet of internationally accredited hospitals. That means a continued commitment to investment in our world-class facilities, along with a dedication to supporting medical progress through continued research and innovative practices.


To become the leading healthcare provider in Asia by delivering sustainable and high quality outcomes to all stakeholders.


Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care strive to deliver, improve and sustain all stakeholders’ interests and returns.
We are committed to promote, improve and sustain:

• Excellent integrated healthcare services where innovation and teaching are integral to the delivery of care

• Customer focused preventive, diagnostic and curative healthcare services that deliver superior outcomes and
touch all individuals

• Quality education that nurtures competent and compassionate healthcare personnel

Care with compassion

We are committed to delivering healthcare with compassion, offering exceptional clinical care using innovative medical technologies and provided by skilled healthcare professionals. We also recognise that good health isn’t just about helping you out when you’re sick, but offering the services to enable you to live a healthy life. Our support for healthy lifestyles includes comprehensive health check-ups and health education alongside innovative wellness packages.

People caring for people

Searching for the right care when you’re unwell can be a challenging time for both you and for your family. At Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care we understand that challenge, that’s why our motto is “people caring for people”. We work hard to ensure your hospital experience is as comfortable and relaxed as it can possibly be, from our focus on superior patient care to our commitment to only offering high quality hospital facilities for our patients. Our goal is to support and enable our staff of remarkable doctors and medical professionals to make sure you receive superior customer-focused care in a comfortable environment, while delivering high quality patient outcomes.

Our award-winning hospitals alongside that continued commitment to clinical excellence ensure we’re widely respected as one of the top healthcare providers in Asia.

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