Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program Nomination Pack

We are excited to introduce the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program. This blended learning program has been designed to develop our future Assistant Director of Nursing, Director of Nursing/Administrator of Nursing, CSs and Nurse Manager to help support the personal leadership growth of RSDH nursing and midwifery leaders. This 12-month pilot program will support 1 participant chosen from nursing and midwifery applicants across the business. This participant will develop a range of skills towards the next level of their nursing or midwifery management career through a number of mediums and have access to a range of supports with a highly experiential focus, including participation in the Nursing Leadership Conference scheduled for September 15, 2021. 

This program aims to support and uplift the capability of nursing leaders by: 

  • Helping to develop high-level communication and management skills  
  • Providing professional development opportunities with internal and external industry leaders  
  • Increasing engagement and promote skills and capabilities to in turn increase the engagement of our teams  
  • Providing nursing leaders with insight and clear goals around their personal development areas in leadership, as well as engaging coaching support to help them achieve in these areas  
  • Promoting the importance of The RSD Way values, patient-centered care, and a quality customer focus in all clinical areas of the business 

Structure of the Program 

Program outline  

  • The 2021 RSDH Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program will run for 12 months commencing in July 2021.  
  • The program contains these elements:  
    • Monthly workshops presented by internal and external senior leaders  
    • Attendance at the 2021 Ramsay Health Care Nursing Leaders Conference  
    • One-on-one coaching  
  • The participant will be required to attend all sessions of the program, without exception. It is therefore important that nominees and their managers agree to the time commitments outlined in the schedule which will be released prior to program commencement.  
  • The participant will be expected to undertake a small amount of pre-and postwork preparation for the workshops.  
  • The participant manager will be involved in briefing sessions (conducted online).  
  • The participant and their managers will be expected to complete, comprehensively and on time, a series of surveys that tracks the effectiveness of the program and the progress achieved by the participants. This feedback is vital to the company, as it assists us in developing the program to achieve greater effectiveness for the next cohort of RSDH Nursing Leaders.  
  • At the end of the program, the participant will be provided with a certificate of completion. 

The application process 

Step 1 Applicants determine their eligibility 

You must be an RN or dual RN/RM to be eligible for the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow Program. You should explore this document to understand the program requirements and eligibility criteria to determine your suitability. 

Step 2 Discuss with your manager 

Once you have determined that you meet the eligibility criteria, applicants will need to consider why they want to attend the program, and what aspirations they have in RSDH. Ideally, applicants will talk to their managers and other senior people in their RSDH network as the nominations process will require applicants to obtain endorsement from an executive team member. 

Step 3 Applicant completes online application form and video 

Applicants must complete and submit an online application which will consist of the following: 

  •  The details of one of your executives who will endorse your application » All required personal details  
  • A two minute video outlining your motivation for participating in the program 

Step 4 Executive completes and submits the online endorsement form 

Once your application has been fully submitted, the online system will automatically send a request to your nominated executive to officially endorse your application. Please note that your application will not be considered until your nominated executive has completed this step, prior to the closing date. 

Step 5 First group chosen

 After the closing date, a senior executive group, led by the Chief Nurse, will consider all applications received and select one participant to commence in July 2021. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by late June 2021. For unsuccessful applications, feedback will be provided and discussions held regarding other development opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria 

1. RSDH work history 

  • Minimum criteria: 
    • A minimum two year track record of achievement in roles at RSDH
    • Currently in a Nurse Manager role 
  • Not required but would be beneficial: 
    •  One or several promotions, with extra responsibility 

2. Leadership history 

  • Minimum criteria:  
    • Managing a team of people currently (or has for RSDH in the recent past)  
    • Manages a budget, cost centre, financial or human resources 
    •  Models the RSD Way 

3. Growth mindset 

  • Minimum criteria:  
    • Aspires to be promoted and eventually become an ADCS/DCS 
    •  Wants to test themselves to see whether they have the potential capability to achieve this goal 
    •  Regularly willing to go above and beyond to assist the team, company and stakeholders 
  • Not required but would be beneficial: 
    •  Is geographically mobile (that is, prepared to move interstate for promotion). 

4. Learning agility 

  • Minimum criteria: 
    •  Constantly demonstrates a willingness to learn in the workplace 
    •  Has successfully undertaken learning before 
  • Not required but would be beneficial: 
    • Has undertaken self-motivated/funded learning outside the workplace 5. Provides a compelling application Minimum criteria: » Executive endorsement » Compelling two-minute video

The Nomination Video 

We are requiring each applicant to make a two minute video as part of the nomination process. 

  • We anticipate these videos will be made using mobile phones and address the following four areas: 
    •  Why you wish to participate 
    •  What your career aspirations are 
    •  The key things you have learned as a manager 
    •  What you wish to get out of the program 
  •  Production quality: you are being assessed on the content of the video rather than production quality, but please test the video so that you can be clearly heard, and there is not too much background noise diverting attention from your core messages 

Three quick tips about making your video 

  • Don’t read out a script – use bullet points to remind you of what you want to speak about, and just talk naturally into the camera  
  • Try and find a quiet room with good lighting to do your filming  
  • Some people find it easier talking to someone who is sitting behind the camera, rather than sitting in a room on their own; if you do this make sure that you are looking into the camera rather than off to the side! 

Once you have recorded your video on your phone, your options are as follows:  

  • If your two-minute video is less than 10Mb you can upload it straight into your online application, in the dedicated space » If your two-minute video is over 10Mb you can upload it to another online video streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo. Click here for instructions for YouTube and here for instructions for Vimeo. Alternatively, you are free to use whatever video space you already have as long as it is accessible inside the RSDH network » If neither of these options are possible for you please contact Ms Erin Maree Lloyd prior to the closing date for assistance

Timetable For Nomination and Selection Process 

Individuals interested in being considered to be a part of the Program will be invited to submit applications from May 24 to June 18. Applications will be reviewed by a senior executive group and the Chief Nurse, and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by June 30.

Program information pack to potential participants Late May, 2021
Applications Open May 24, 2021
Applications Closed June 18, 2021
Participant selection and notification by June 30, 2021
Program commencement July 2021

Reference to Nursing Title Names

Director Of Nursing
Nurse Manager
Assistant Director of Nursing
Nursing Assistant Manager for Clinical
Nurse Manager
Nursing Supervisor
Director, Quality & Risk Management
Nursing Assistant Manager for Quality
Nurse Manager
Nursing Supervisor

Apply Below

All submissions must be made online via this link. Applications via email will not be considered and submission does not guarantee a place in the program. If you have any questions regarding the Program, please email Ms Erin Maree Lloyd