Left Out of the Loop

August 13 is International Lefthanders Day, a day to celebrate the unique 10% of people in our mostly right-handed world.

Being left-handed isn’t as simple as using a different hand to do the same things most people do – because most people are right handed, most of the equipment are designed for righties, and can prove very inconvenient to lefties.

Some of the difficulties a southpaw encounter include…

Writing Desks – Right handers find these desks convenient and comfortable to write on – thanks to the support provided to their writing hand, but these desks are a potential nightmare for left handers, whose hands are left hanging in mid-air as they write.

Can openers – Conveniently designed to be held over a can, gripping the handles together with a left hand and turning the gears with their right – and be a nuisance to left-handed people.

Zippers – With the fly of pants and jeans always opening to the right, a left handed person must get used to using their non-dominant hand to pull up their zippers.

Spiral Notebooks – What’s worse than having lead or ink all over your hands as you write with a pencil or pen? Having to write with your writing hand on an uncomfortable surface.

Scissors – The upper handle is designed to provide the bottom blade with a force bringing the blades close together, in addition to the scissoring action. If you use your left hand, you will be pushing the blades away from each other – not exactly conducive for cutting. ‘Ergonomic’ scissors are even worse, and are uncomfortable to even put your left hand in!

There are many other equipment and facilities designed for right handed people, so just for one day, recognise the difficulties left handed people face in life. Happy Left Handers day!