Telehealth Plus

Telehealth Plus Video Consultation

Telehealth Plus Video Consultation connects you to your preferred healthcare practitioner for your follow up visits from the comfort of your home.

Get real-time consultations with cardiologists, oncologists, orthopaedists, paediatricians, obstetrician and gynaecologist, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, general surgeons and many more.

What Is Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation is a remote video consultation for a patient to seek advice from a healthcare practitioner, via a secure digital platform. It is both easy and convenient to use from the comfort of your own home.

Who Are Virtual Consultations For?

Virtual consultations are meant for patients who are seeking follow-up consultations with a specific healthcare practitioner they have previously seen at the hospital.

What Are the Hours The Service Is Available?

The booking appointment service is available 24/7 but the virtual consultation slots differ between healthcare practitioners.

Can I Share Files/Images With My HealthCare Practitioner?

When booking your appointment, you will be able to upload test reports or images that you would like to share with your healthcare practitioner. These can be removed or changed at your discretion.

How Do I Receive My Medication That Have Been Prescribed By My Doctor?

You will be given an option of self pick-up or delivery for medication prescribed by your doctor if necessary. Delivery charges will be informed to you prior to making payment for your medication.

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