Breathing Life into the Fight against Lung Cancer

Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) brought attention to Lung Cancer – the number one cause of cancer deaths in Malaysia and worldwide – at Star LIVE, a series of monthly talk discussing Malaysian topics.

“The War on Lung Cancer” began early in the morning, with a long line of participants queuing to enter the venue. In addition to light refreshments to start their day, participants also enjoyed a free, lung-related screening that tested their lung function and the saturation of oxygen in their blood.

The talk began with Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr Anand Sachithanandan addressing the scale of Lung Cancer in Malaysia, highlighting that the lifetime risk of lung cancer in Malaysians is more than 10%. Another worrying statistic he revealed was that of the patients who were diagnosed, more than two thirds were already at the 4th stage, where treatment is the most difficult, and survivability is the lowest.

Consultant Physician & Respiratory Physician Dr Chua Keong Tiong showed participants how to recognize symptoms of lung cancer such as coughing and shortness of breath. He also discussed its risk factors, such as smoking, being aged between 45 and 75, having a personal history of cancer or a family history of lung cancer.

The two consultants also explained how lung cancer is diagnosed, and stressed that modern technology allows for the detection of small tumours in a comfortable manner. They also pointed out that today’s treatment is very personalized, with each patient’s condition being carefully considered before any treatment plan is prepared, allowing for an effective combination of treatments to ensure the highest possible chance of survival.

The talk concluded with a Question and Answer session, where participants could clear up any doubts they had. Throughout the talk, the SJMC consultants emphasized that the best way to protect ourselves from lung cancer is to be screened, as early detection greatly improves the outcome of treatment for this condition.