Have a Healthy Raya

During the festive season, many delicious delicacies are prepared to mark the end of Ramadhan. From the savoury rendang and asam pedas to the popular ketupat and lemang, alongside the large variety of kuih, there are plenty of mouth-watering food for our consumption. However, with so much good food about, there is always a danger of over-eating.

While we know overeating is bad for our health, many of us do not know how to stop ourselves from indulging in the spread provided to us. Here are a few tips to eat healthily this Raya.

  • Portion your food Go ahead and enjoy your favourite foods, but don’t fill your plate to the brim. Having a little bit of what you like is the key to having a good time yet remaining healthy.
  • Drink water While eating, take a few sips of water in between bites. This will help you slow down and feel full, making you less likely to over-eat.
  • Fibre-up Food rich in fiber gives your stomach a fuller feeling. Fibre-rich foods also keeps your digestive system healthy, lowers cholesterol and stabilises blood sugar levels.
  • Chew slowly Eating and chewing food well allows your body to know it is being fed, preventing you from craving for more.
  • Avoid Second Helpings One helping at a meal is often enough for our body’s needs. Often, we take second helpings because the food is just irresistible, but this practice should be avoided to prevent overeating.

By paying attention to what we eat, we can enjoy good food while maintaining our health. So, keep your eyes open and have a Happy Hari Raya!