The festive season is a time where people gather round to eat and make merry. Most people who have weight issues or eating problems are worried during this period because they are scared that they would over-indulge and gain more weight.

However, you do not need to be afraid as there are healthy eating tips that you can follow. These tips will help you to stay healthy and also enjoy the festive season without having to miss much of the fun.

The truth however is that reading these tips without applying them will Not help you at all. Having knowledge without application is same as not having knowledge at all. So if you want to eat healthy during the festive season, do your best to adhere to the following rules.

1) Fill up before you go out: In this period, there is bound to be lots of reunions/gatherings/parties, and certainly food will be served there. So before you go to a reunion/gathering/party, try to eat something at home, do not go on an empty stomach. You can fill up by eating a fruit or wheat crackers, this helps to curb your appetite which in turn helps you to avoid over-eating when you go out.

If you do not fill up before going out, you will get hungry and when you do, you may end up eating everything in sight. Filling up gives you the psychological edge to avoid eating a lot when you go out.

2) Eat slowly: When you are offered food outside your home during this season, try as much as possible to eat slowly. The brain takes 20 minutes to recognize fullness, so if you eat slowly, you will be able to detect when you are full and stop thereby avoiding over-eating.

If you rush the food you eat, you will not know when you are full, so you will keep on eating. Only to realize after sometime that you are heavy and can barely move.

3) Learn to share: Always share your sweets or deep fried starters. Do not keep it all to yourself, share it among your family members or those around you. That way you will not have to eat them.

The festive season affords you the opportunity of sharing without looking suspicious. So try as much as possible not to eat all the sweets and chocolates that are gifted to you in this season, rather you should give them to someone else.

4) Learn to politely say no: You must not eat everything that is offered to you, at some point you should politely refuse the gesture without making your host feel bad. If you decide to keep silent and continue eating because you do not want to hurt the feelings of your host, you are hurting your health. And when your health deteriorates, you will end up at a medical centre at your own expense. So learn to put your health first and say no.

5) Limit fat intake: when you consume a lot of fat, you are setting up yourself for weight gain. So to prevent that from happening in this festive season, try to cut down on the fat you take. If you are at a party or a friend’s house, take minimal fat, avoid certain meals. That way you will stay healthy and your next body checkup will have some positive results.

6) Choose wisely: You just have to be picky while eating during the festive season, for example, avoid carbonated drinks. It is better you take fresh fruit juices, also you need to avoid deep-fried foods, grilled ones are better. Go for healthy fruits rather than chocolates or sweets during dessert. All of this will help you stay in shape and be healthy.

Rule of thumb? After every festive season, go for a health checkup. This way you can have total peace of mind and a clear idea if you were eating right during the previous festive season. Good luck, and enjoy responsibly!