How Healthy are We?

Many of us think we are in excellent health. After all, we feel fine, are not sick and can function well whether at work or at play. But health is not just about individuals. It should involve the health of everyone, within the community, country and the world. Health should be for Everyone, Everywhere.

Understanding Health

When we invest in health, we are investing in people. Advanced medicine can treat disease and illnesses, but this is not always enough, as our health can be affected by malnutrition and a poor environment.

Understanding our health is important to protecting it. Being aware the dangers around us and knowing which foods are suitable to include in our diet are just some of the non-medical was to improve our wellbeing and is all a part of our health.

Being healthy as individuals is central, but so is being healthy as a community. For example, immunisation works best when applied to a community, not an individual. When all the people in one area are, the virus or bacteria that causes sickness cannot multiply, protecting the community and the next generation.

What is a healthy community?

When a community is healthy, the people within It can easily access healthcare facilities, make healthy lifestyle choices and work together to prevent disease.

In the case of any emergency or disaster, a healthy community will be able to manage the situation and recover from it faster. As there are able people around, those who are injured or ill can get to a health facility quickly, allowing for a fast response that can save lives. Because the people within this community have stronger bodies or have been vaccinated, they are less likely to fall ill during a public health emergency. With less people to treat, the doctors can focus their efforts on those who need the treatment the most.

What can I do?

To build a strong community, awareness is important. You can help promote health in your community through becoming more engaged. Speak to your neighbours to raise attention to being healthy as a whole and get in touch with the authorities to encourage their understanding. You can contact a nearby hospital to ask for co-operation on community programmes.

We can also lead by example. As being healthy will allow your body to better handle the stress of recovering from any incident, it is important that you and your family eat well, exercise regularly and get check-ups to make sure you are free of any health problems. After all, the you too, are part of your community.