As a patient, you can relate to the importance and the difficulty that is involved in finding the right doctor in your area. Many a time, patients take the issue of choosing the right medical center for granted, they think that every medical centre is suitable for their needs. This is in fact false because there are specific centres for different kinds of problems. You will get to understand the difference by the end of this article.


The problem in recent times is that medical experts are concerned that patients may not know how to choose the appropriate medical centre. This is because patients have been found going to an urgent care clinic when what they really need is emergency room care. In order to help you avoid such a mistake, this article is geared towards showing you the difference between the various medical centres available to you so that you will know which one to visit at any particular time, depending on the illness or injury. This will also help you to know where to go for a health checkup or medical screening.

Primary Care Centres 

A primary care center is at the core of maintaining the health and wellbeing of an individual. As the name implies, it is usually the first point of call for a patient. It helps to deal with the primary health needs of the patient. A primary health care physician will help you to prevent diseases rather than treat them, as they are usually the first point of call as earlier stated. If you do not know any primary care centre around you, then you should find one.


They are the ones that handle services like full medical checkup, vaccination and other services. They deal with issues that are easy to handle and not cumbersome or critical problems. So if you are in the need of the services mentioned above, a primary care center is the place you should go to. You can find a primary care centre through a directory or by simply asking around your area.

Emergency Rooms 

Emergency rooms and hospitals are for very serious conditions that need very rapid medical care. Simply put, you go to the emergency room when you have an emergency. You do not go to the ER for a medical checkup or to get a medical screening package. You go to the ER when you or someone close to you is in a very serious condition.

If the condition is not life-threatening, then you really do not need to go to the ER. The problem however in recent times is that most people who are not insured or under-insured visit the ER in order to get medical attention. So this leads to congestion and other population problems.


Urgent Care Centres

These are care centres that are designed to give the patient convenience and comfort, and also their services are affordable and they handle non-critical conditions. So this is a healthcare medical centre where you get prompt services for simple health issues. However, if the problem is complicated, they may not be able to handle it. They are usually open 24 hours a day and seven days a week and they attend to patients promptly.

These are the different types of medical centres you can find in Malaysia. If you require health screening in Malaysia, you should visit the primary care centre. If it is a life-threatening case, then you should visit the ER. But if it a non-critical issue, you can conveniently go to an urgent care centre.

We hope this article provides a useful guide to choose the right healthcare medical centre for different types of situations and conditions. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us.