Preparing for a Run

Running is an excellent form of exercise, which can prevents and delays the onset of type 2 Diabetes, while improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It can help to build strong bones, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness.

While running has many health benefits, you can put yourself at risk of injury if you are not well-prepared. Good preparation can also have a big impact on your performance during a race. Here are some tips on what to do before a big run!

Pre-Race Tips

The Week Before:

Rest Up – Sleep plays an important role on a person’s physical and mental condition. Being well rested helps you to concentrate during the race, while sleep deprivation affects your body’s ability to recover from fatigue. To be well rested, you should have several nights of good sleep before the race.

The Day Before:

Fuel Up – Running is an exercise that requires a lot of energy. Make sure you have enough energy to complete the race by loading up on carbohydrate rich food. You should also drink often the day before a race, so that you are already well-hydrated before it even begins.

Just Before the Race:

Warm Up – The pace at which you run can place a lot of stress on your body, especially when you start from rest. Prepareyour body for a faster pace by warming up. This activity slowly increases your heart rate, lowering the strain on the cardiovascular system. The temperature of your muscles will also be increased, reducing stiffness and risk of injury.

Through these simple steps, your body will be optimised for the race, allowing you to do perform at your best. Good luck!