The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation in Malaysia conducted research and came up with the Top 10 causes of deaths in Malaysia. In this article, we will be looking at the Top 5, including the individual causes of death, effects and prevention.

The aim of this article is to prepare you and help you to prevent them so as not to be a victim. After stating the problem in each case, preventive measures will be provided.

Ischemic Heart Disease

This is called heart attack in layman language, however, this does not fully depict what it is all about. Here is how this disease comes about. Our body needs oxygen and without oxygen, the body shuts down, the heart is the organ that helps to pump oxygen around the body. Also, the heart needs oxygen and it is supplied by coronary arteries.

If these arteries are blocked, the heart muscles start to die. And if this persists the individual dies too. A regular medical checkup can help prevent this. Such services are offered by the medical centre in Malaysia. If you do a checkup regularly, the physician will be able to spot this disease before it escalates into something more serious.

Lower Respiratory Tract Infection (LRTI)

This infection affects the respiratory system, which helps to bring in oxygen in the body and remove carbon dioxide. One of the most common infection is pneumonia. LRTI can lead to death if not handled properly.

To prevent LRTI, you need to avoid inhaling smoke like smoke from cigars, and also smoke from cars and other sources. Furthermore, if you are a smoker, it’s highly recommended to stop and go for regular medical checkups.

Cerebrovascular Disease

This disease affects the blood vessels in the brain. When the blood vessels in the brain are clogged, it can lead to stroke because the brain is starved of oxygen. Some of these diseases are inherited and its causes may not be traceable to anything that we eat or do.

However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your health properly, you will be able to prevent the occurrence of such disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease

This condition is mostly associated with memory loss and most people think that is all that happens. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease is more than just memory loss. It is an irreversible disease that affects the proper functioning of the brain and this affects the person in every way. The brain is the hub of human activity, and if it stops functioning properly, then the person is in deep problem.

It can stagnate the life of the person and dramatically decrease the quality of life.

It has been discovered that Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented by consuming food that is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Example of such foods are walnuts, flaxseed and Olive oil. Moreover, food rich in Vitamin C and E also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Road Injuries

This is one of the most common causes of death in Malaysia. There are many campaigns and commercials that are dedicated to making people conscious of road and traffic signs but over the years, such effort has proved fruitless. Countless people still die due to road injuries and accidents. This can be prevented by adhering to traffic regulations, and also by driving carefully.

So here you go, the top five causes of death in Malaysia. Besides trying as much as you can to avoid them, you should also go for regular medical checkups, or get a medical screening package to ensure your fitness. At the end of the day, you will reap the benefits.